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A big special thanks to the following for kindly donating towards my costs of hosting and running this website (character name with server name in brackets).

Metanis (Luclin)

Also, to get this site up and running, I must say thanks to the following people who have commented on it (both good and bad), as well as the ones who have helped me to fill in the gaps.

In no particular order - character name with server name in brackets:

Zice (Antonius Bayle), Iceborn (Antonius Bayle), Lycurgus (Antonius Bayle), Mephistopheles (Antonius Bayle), Olivin (Antonius Bayle), Khoregate (Antonius Bayle), Sometimes (Antonius Bayle), Ratzap (Antonius Bayle), Zann (Antonius Bayle), Saintaens (Ayonae Ro), Cheeler (Antonious Bayle), Morromid, Arrogathor (Antonius Bayle), Midasa Goldensword (Maelin), Grumpie Ogarfiend (Cazic-Thule), Endurain (Bristlebane), Fendy (Bristlebane), Asmadeus (Antonius Bayle)

All work done by Hazimil Skelyd, Ancient Dominion, Antonius Bayle