/pause command

You may now enter pauses in social batches with the /pause command. /pause takes an argument from 1 to 600, with the value being equal to the number of tenths of seconds (i.e. /pause 100 will yield a 10 second pause).

For example, a social consisting of:

/sit off
/cast 1
/pause 100
/sit on

...would cause you to stand up, cast the spell in slot 1, wait 10 seconds after you've STARTED casting the spell, and sit down.

Furthermore, you can also use the /pause command on the same line as another social by separating the commands with a comma. Even though the pause command is specified first, it is executed AFTER the command on the same line.

For example:

/sit off
/pause 100, /cast 1
/sit on

...would have the same effect as the example above. It is important to note that the comma can only be used to separate a /pause command from another, and MUST be specified first on the line.

All work done by Hazimil Skelyd, Ancient Dominion, Antonius Bayle