Miscellaneous Command Keys

There are various commands keys that are not covered elsewhere (at the moment), so these are detailed here - they may move as sections get added, removed, or updated.

D Makes you duck (/duck), handy for moving through small spaces.
F9 This allows you to cycle through various camera views. More information can be found at Camera Views.
F10 This allows you to toggle the interface on and off (turning off the interface makes for cleaner screenshots).
F11 Toggles the ping bar off and off (little green thing in corner with numbers!)
F12 Toggles between enabling and disabling mouse panning. More information can be found at Camera Views.
H Pressing "H" will Hail the player or non-player character you have in your Target Window.  Useful for starting conversations with NPCs, for quests, etc.
Q Pressing "Q" will initiate the auto-attack command (shortcut for the /attack on command). Be careful when typing, as you could press this in the wrong mode and attack a NPC which you will not beat!
R Pressing "R" will allow you to reply the the last /tell you received. Basically a quick shortcut for the /reply command.
- The minus (-) key on the number keypad allows you to take a screenshot. The format of the resulting image file can be changed in your EQclient.ini file - see eqclient.ini Help for further information.
All work done by Hazimil Skelyd, Ancient Dominion, Antonius Bayle