/mcicontrol command

Allows a player to control sound devices such as cdaudio or mp3s to play when in-game. This command will be further developed in the future to be more user friendly. Until that point, the following are some commands you can use to play audio CD's: Before using any other of these commands, use the following to open up communications:

/mcicontrol open cdaudio Opens Communications.
/mcicontrol play cdaudio To play.
/mcicontrol pause cdaudio To pause.
/mcicontrol stop cdaudio To stop.
/mcicontrol step cdaudio To skip forward.
/mcicontrol back cdaudio To skip back.
/mcicontrol eject cdaudio To eject the CD.

Please Note: Though ejecting itself should not cause any gameplay problems, putting in a new disk may.

If you have AutoPlay enabled on your computer (which is windows default), it may start your CDaudio program and possibly, switch out of EverQuest, causing EverQuest to likely crash, or at the least may cause a phantom cursor to appear.

If you have AutoPlay disabled, putting in a disk should not cause any problems.

All work done by Hazimil Skelyd, Ancient Dominion, Antonius Bayle