EverQuest Mail System

EverQuest players now have the ability to send persistent messages to players who are not logged in! To use this new feature, take a look at the new icon that has been added to the window selector. This icon will change color when you have unread messages. It also blinks for a short period of time when new mail arrives. To open the mail window, click on the icon or use CTRL-M. Here's a few other helpful hints.

Sending Messages - To send a message, press the "Compose" button. Enter the character name of the recipient in the "To" field, a subject and the message itself. Press the "Send" button and mail icon of the recipient will start blinking! Please be aware that you can currently only email one recipient at a time.

Receiving Messages- If you are online, new mail is delivered to you immediately without delay. When you open the mail window, the number of unread messages is put between square brackets close to the "Inbox" list title. In the mail window, your messages usually appear sorted by date. You can click on the column header to change the sort type and order. You can also resize the width of a column with the mouse, just click and drag a column header separator.

Viewing Messages - To view the body of a message, select it in the list. The message text window displays the message fields in a different color, followed by the text of the message.

Managing Messages - When a message is selected you can reply to the sender or forward the message to another player by pressing the corresponding button. An appropriate default subject will be inserted for you and a copy of the original message is added to the mail composition window.

Deleting Messages - You can also delete messages, in which case they will be placed in your "Deleted Items" folder. To select multiple messages for deletion you can use SHIFT-click and CTRL-click. The "Deleted Items" list is where your deleted messages go. The total number of messages in that list appears in the title. Two additional actions are available to you when managing your deleted messages: you can restore deleted messages using the "Undelete" button, and you can permanently delete all the messages by click on the "Empty Trash" button.

Please Note: You can send a message to yourself. You can also send a message from the command line using the "[mailto" command.

Syntax: [mailto <character name> <subject> <text>

If the subject contains whitespace, you must enclose it in double quotation marks. Example: [mailto Hazimil "Nice website!" Dear Hazimil, etc. etc.

All work done by Hazimil Skelyd, Ancient Dominion, Antonius Bayle