Cross Server Chat - EverQuest & EverQuest 2

One of the newest features of EverQuest is the facility to send tells to other EQ servers and to join cross-server chat channels.

The commands for this are the more or less the same as the normal EverQuest (single server) commands, but are preceded by a different character - for example cross server commands start with a semi-colon ";".

Please Note: Servers with two names in them (Antonius Bayle for instance) use only the first name of the server.

;tell <server name>.<player name> Sends a cross server tell.  Example: ;tell antonius.hazimil would send a tell to a character named Hazimil on Antonius Bayle.
;# <text> (where # is from 1 to 10) Sends text to a particular chat channel.
;announce Announces when a player leaves a chat channel.
;autojoin <servername.channel1:password>, <servername.channel2> ... <servername.channel10> Automatically joins the specified channels when you log in. Can be in up to 10 chats at once. Don't forget to put passwords in if necessary!
;chat grant <player> <channel> Grants op (operator) status to a person on a channel. Operator status allows the person to kick someone out of the channel and moderate the channel, among other things.
;chat set <channel1>, <channel2>...<channel10> Lets you join multiple chat channels at once.
;join <servername>.<channel name>:<channel password> Joins a chat channel.
;join serverwide.<channel name>:<password> Allows you to join a server-wide channel.
;leave <channel #> Leaves a particular chat channel.
;leaveall Leaves all chat channels.
;list Lists all chat channels you are on.
;list # (1-10) Shows the names of whoever is on the same channel you are.
;oplist <channel> Shows the current op list and owner of a channel.
All work done by Hazimil Skelyd, Ancient Dominion, Antonius Bayle