Camera Views

Camera Views

During gameplay you can view your character from several different camera angles, zoom in and out, or pan up and down.

To cycle between available views, press F9.

  • First-person view (default) - View straight ahead (you can't see your character).
  • Overhead (rotating) - View from above (camera rotates as you turn).
  • Rear (rotating) - View from rear (camera rotates as you turn and stays behind you).
  • Overhead (fixed) - View from above (camera does not rotate when you turn).
  • Rear (fixed) - View from rear (camera does not rotate when you turn).

You can also toggle the interface on and off (turning off the interface makes for cleaner screenshots). To cycle through interface views, press F10.

Panning and Zooming

You can pan the camera in different directions, either with the keyboard (press Alt + the arrow keys) or by right-clicking the mouse. To pan with the mouse, right-click-and-drag in any direction (this works in all views except for fixed overhead and rear views - in these, the mouse zooms the view in and out).

F12: Enable/disable mouse panning

Here are some useful keyboard camera commands:

  • Numpad 5 or Home: Re-center view
  • Numpad 9 and 3 or Page-Up and Page-Down: Pitch view up / down
  • Numpad 7 and 1 or Insert and Delete: Zoom view in / out
All work done by Hazimil Skelyd, Ancient Dominion, Antonius Bayle